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  • I'm a boy's mom and a wonderful man's wife. I scrapbook, teach scrapbooking, try to inspire, teach photoshop, scrapbook, collect quotes, collect fonts, scrapbook digitally, take load of photos, collect beautiful papers, take more photos, bake, pray, continue my search for the perfect dark chocolate, hang out with my husband and son, and oh yeah...scrapbook!

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May 05, 2015

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November 27, 2013

What is that word?

  • noun: [scra-puh les' sens] "surrounded by your fantastic photos, your precious memories and all the gorgeous papers, fun embellishments, scrapbooking tools (and of course, chocolate!)"... you will achieve total "Scrapulescence"! Okay, maybe it's only a real word in MY world, but this is my idea of perfect scrapbooking!