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March 13, 2013


Donna Polley

I have a shamrock shake!


Hmmm. I dont do too much for St. Patties day but I do love to make sure my kiddos have fun. Always get them something green to wear and we much have those yummy shamrocks shakes too. Love those. Even if Im on a diet. LOL> Thanks for the chance to win some Greenish goodies. HUGS.


Just stopping by to say hi..I don't do anything for St. Patrick's day..just a regular day for me..thanks for the chance to win some goodies..hugs Regena

Tina Alldredge

Stopping by to say hello :) Miss you here in sunny FL. We always have corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's day and we wear green of course!

Amanda Fiskateer #1485

I have a friend who's boy is birthday that day so it will be cake decorating for me.

Samantha D.

I am feeling lucky (in response to your question)!!! :). For St. Patty's I love to celebrate with a green beer or two and some fun festive music!!! This year I am pregnant, so no brewskies for me. However, I do plan to celebrate with my 4-year-old and hubby somehow...maybe make our own fun at home!! Happy St. Patty's Day to ya!!!

Vicky #7622

My favoite for St Pat's Day is Corn Beef & Cabbage Dinner :) Then Ruebens the next day!

May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks,
May your heart be as light as a song,
May each day bring you bright, happy hours,
That stay with you all the year long.


My husband will say corn beef & cabbage, (which I personally could live without lol), for me it's a green milkshake.
Fiskateer #4437

Susan Slomski (Sue in CT)

I really don't do anything special than having the traditional corned beef and cabbage (which I cook in beer). We are not Irish (well, then again we are all Irish on that one day)so there is really no family tradition other than that. I remember in school we sung When Irish Eyes are Smiling....but really that is about it.


I don't do anything on St pats day. Fiskateer #808

Sandy Heringer

I wear green on ST. Pat's day!
SAndy Fiskateer 4165


.. many,many,many years ago - think I was 5 - my favorite Irish song was MacNamara's Band and while the "grown-ups" were having their St. Pat's Party, I would put the record on the Victrola and march around our apartment singing and banging on my drum!! Oh, the fun of the Day! ;+)grammbo


My father's birthday was March 17. I miss green birthday cakes! But I do plan to make green cupcakes for the occasion! Thanks for the fun, Bernie. Suzi #5563


I have my shamrock wreath on the door. Will be dressed in green singing When Irish Eyes are was one of my dad's favourite songs. Debbie #4668

Laurie Wardenski

Love, love, love corned beef and cabbage with a large green beer of St. Pat's Day.

Kris Blue

No special celebrations, but I always try to wear something green.

Jean Bullock

Hi, Beryl! My grandfather was full Irish, son of an Irish immigrant! I love Irish culture. I still have cousins in Southern Ireland! On St. Patrick's day, I just try not to get pinched. :D

Cindy Bailey

Of course I wear green. The best part is the corned beef, cabbage and Irish soda bread. I have about 6 Irish music CDs and love all the traditional music. Celtic Woman! YES. Irish Tenors..YES YES. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all. Cindy


Hi Beryl,
We have not seen you in a while at Martinez Methodist Church on our scrapping days.
Even though I am not Irish, I wear green on 03/17, my daughter was married on 03/17/12 and yes, I cook corn beef and cabbage on 03/17... :)
May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,and all your heart might desire.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all...Kimy

Cheryl Holsenback

A Reuben. In fact, I started early and had
Last nite!! Wear green to avoid pinches.
Also a green milkshake sounds pretty good.

Jean A Marmo

When my son was in Kindergarten, the leprechaun played ticks on them. For years we built a trap baited with Lucky charms. He is now 25 and I still get him a St. Patty's day basket of goodies!

Johnna Sengdara

I am half irish and so we celebrated it on a regular basis. Love Guiness and Irish whiskey. Love bangers and mash but I believe that is English. Favorite song: When Irish eyes are smiling. Love Riverdance and Celtic Woman and have seen them both live. Thanks for a chance to win. Johnna

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